Holiday gathering Thursday, December 18 at the 3 West Club, 3 West 51st Street, New York.

One of the principles upon which IMPA was founded was networking – the organization was to bring together professionals in the automotive journalists and automotive public relations community on a regular basis. Monthly meetings were established to facilitate this activity; a place for exchanging ideas and talk about the industries (auto and media). Getting together in the days before faxes, emails, conference calls and a plethora of automotive events was the most important reason for the meetings; a presentation was secondary.

Tomorrow’s IMPA meeting will not have a speaker. We considered cancelling the meeting, but decided to go back to our routes and simply have a gathering of members who wanted to spend some time “catching up” with each other.

In the pursuit of a topical monthly speaker, I had aggressively pursued political and labor leaders who have been key players in the on-going automotive industry bailout talks in Washington DC. Our dialogues continued positively even after a number of ‘red flags’ appeared on the horizon. But fate ran its course, and one by one, the speakers fell to the roadside as the hope of a bailout dimmed.

As IMPA’s president, I apologize about the lack of a speaker, but urge you to come to the 3 West Club (3 West 51st Street, New York) to schmooze and have a holiday drink and lunch with your industry friends.

Sincerely, ffc