Night vision redux – Autoliv Night Vision systems’ Stuart Klapper at February 18th meeting.

Stuart Klapper, managing director of Sweden’s Autoliv Night Vision Systems, will discuss a decade’s changes in night-vision technology and the future of infrared systems at the February 18th IMPA meeting. The last time IMPA had a meeting on Night Vision was January 1999 and a lot has changed in the past 11 years.

Produced by Raytheon at the time, Night Vision for automobiles is now a product of Autoliv, the Swedish automotive safety manufacturer. BMW, Rolls -Royce and Audi offer the system, while no longer does.

The program begins with a noon reception followed by Klapper’s presentation and the Q&A session. The venue: 3 West Club, 3 West 51st Street, New York. Tickets $35 for members, $45 for others.