About IMPA

The International Motor Press Association is the premier organization of automotive journalists and public relations professionals in this country. The backbone of IMPA’s activities are the luncheon meetings held monthly in New York City (on the third Tuesday at the 3 West Club, 3 West 51st Street). Here featured speakers from all disciplines of our industry address the membership on timely, informative topics from the latest automotive products and technologies to current marketing trends to market conditions to motorsports. Besides to the featured speaker, each meeting provides a friendly, casual atmosphere for members and their guests to network with their colleagues in a welcome, professional setting.

In addition to the regular meetings, IMPA also hosts two hallmark events each year.

One is the May Spring Brake annual ride & drive in Bear Mountain State Park, Harriman, NY. All IMPA members are invited to drive through the hills overlooking the Hudson River.

The other special event is our annual Test Days. During two days in the autumn, all IMPA members are welcome to come and drive the collected examples of the country’s finest machinery. At Test Days, the automakers gather their newest wares for us to evaluate under the safe, controlled confines of a world-famous motorsports track and a specially prepared off-road course. Test Days are punctuated by a group dinner and the event provides a unique opportunity for members and their guests to see old friends and make new ones from our widespread industry.

The Ken Purdy Award – the Purdy, as it’s familiarly known – is awarded each year by IMPA to the journalist who has produced the year’s most outstanding piece of journalism, in the spirit of the late Ken Purdy.

The key to IMPA’s portal is membership. Members not only can avail themselves of all our activities, they also have access to the protected section of this website. There is the electronic version of our complete membership roster and the Automotive Industry Contact List. The Contact List contains contacts for hundreds of valuable sources within and pertaining to the automotive industry. Of course a printed copy of the roster and Contact List is also included with membership.