Joining IMPA

IMPA membership is open to qualified (see below) automotive journalists and photographers, as well as public relations people who work for firms that:

  • Manufacture, sell, service, rent or lease cars, trucks, motorcycles, motor scooters, automotive parts, accessories, lubricants, tools and/or equipment.
  • Dispense automotive information and training.
  • Operates a race, rally, or other vehicle performance organization or facility.

International Motor Press Association

Open to qualified* automotive journalists and photographers, as well as public relations people.


Annual dues for IMPA membership are $75, payable by January 31 of each year for renewal as well as for inclusion in the association’s annual directory. In addition to a $75 check to cover first year’s dues (new members notified of their induction after Test Days will be considered in good standing until December 31 of the following year, without paying additional dues), prospective IMPA members must submit the following credentials with their application for membership:

PRINT JOURNALISTS may submit the following as credentials:

  • At least two clips of newspaper or magazine articles published within the past twelve months.
    Advertorial material should not be used for this purpose.
  • Copy of recent book(s) containing expository editorial material.
    Books consisting of statistics, price lists or other purely tabular material do not qualify.
  • Copy of a magazine dated within past twelve months, with the masthead listing the applicant as an editor or staff writer.
  • Letter from the applicant’s supervising editor on the publication’s or publisher’s letterhead explaining the applicant’s position and/or responsibilities.

OTHER JOURNALISTS may submit the following as credentials:

  • Audiotape of radio program or videotape of TV broadcast completed within the past twelve months
  • Address of Web site containing editorial work for which applicant was paid.
  • Printout, CD-ROM or floppy disc from an automotive forum or other on-line service containing editorial work for which applicant was paid.
  • Letter on an employer or client’s business letterhead explaining the applicant’s work duties.

PUBLIC RELATIONS applicants may submit the following as credentials:

  • Press releases from an auto company or similar client, with the applicant named as author or contact.
  • Video, book, brochure, audiotape, floppy disc, or CD-ROM issued for publicity purposes by or on behalf of an automotive company, with accompanying documentation identifying you as a source, contact or author.
  • Letter from an automotive company identifying the applicant as one who does public relations work for that company, or a business card confirming the applicant works for an automotive company’s public relations department.
  • Letter on an agency letterhead from the applicant or his/her supervisor, explaining the applicant’s work for an automotive account.

If your application falls into an undefined area, or if you require further assistance, please write to the International Motor Press Association (783 Old Queen Anne Road, Chatham, MA 02633), attention new member chairperson, or e-mail