Rules and Requirements


The Ken W. Purdy Award is for a body of work or a specific piece of work that may be an article published in a newspaper or magazine during the calendar year preceding the award presentation. It may be a book published during the calendar year preceding the award presentation. It may be a script that resulted in a movie film or video released during the calendar year preceding the award presentation. Of, it may be a work that appeared online (Web sites, online news services, etc.) during the calendar year preceding the award presentation.


  1. The work must be in English. Ken Purdy wrote in English and the award is restricted to material published in English in its original form.
  2. The work must be published in a magazine or newspaper or appear in online form. If the work is a movie or video script, that script must be transformed into a finished movie or video and made available to the general public.
  3. The work must be about automobiles, motor cars, motorcycles, trucks, indeed, any automotive subject. The work can focus on any automotive subject (cars, trucks, motorcycles, engineering, design, etc.).
  4. The work must be aimed at the general public.
  5. The author must be a professional writer (one who earns his/her living by writing).
  6. An IMPA member must nominate the work.


  • A journalism or communications professor from an accredited college or university.
  • One IMPA member currently employed as an editor, senior editor, orsection editor (i.e. Automotive editor) at a magazine or newspaper.
  • One IMPA member currently employed as a reporter or free-lance writer.
  • One IMPA members currently employed in public relations. No two judges will have the same affiliation.

How to submit entries:

Send print-base entries, be it a magazine article, series of newspaper articles, book, movie or TV script, to IMPA. The judges will need one copy of the original, plus four photocopies. (In the case of a book, the judges will need four copies.) Send to: IMPA, 783 Old Queen Anne Road, Chatham, MA 02633.

Attach the entry label (photocopies are accepted) to the original with a paper clip. For the copies, please staple a copy of the entry label to each.

For Web-based entries, submit the entry in an email to with the following in the subject line: Ken Purdy Award Entry. The body of the email will need all of the following information:

Nominee’s name:

Publication URL:
Date(s) of publication:
Are you an IMPA member (Y/N):
Your snail mail adress:Phone:
Email address: