Chris DeNove, J.D. Power partner, to speak at January 19, 2006 IMPA meeting

We all know J.D. Power changed the way that companies measure and perceive quality and customer satisfaction. J.D. Power partner Chris DeNove, January’s speaker, will talk about a new book he and Jamie Power have penned, called Satisfaction. This book is about how great companies listen to the voice of their customer. Customer satisfaction is the result when a company listens to its customers and then delivers upon what its customers say. But, even then, customer satisfaction isn’t the end game. The real goal is the behavior that results from great customer satisfaction – brand loyalty, word of mouth, willingness to pay price premiums, increased close rates, etc.

Chris is uniquely qualified to talk to us about the very issue that is bedeviling many of the companies we cover in the auto industry—how to make a brand more appealing on every level so as to attract higher prices and therefore greater profitability.

The JANUARY 19, 2006 meeting begins with a noon reception, followed by lunch and the presentation at the “usual” location, the 3 West 51st Club (we will be switching to the non-political name the club now uses), 3 West 51st Street, New York. Tickets are $35 for members, $45 for others.