Formula E featured at June 16 meeting

Venturi Automobiles, Michelin Tires and Visit Monaco Tourism, will gather Tuesday, June 16 to discuss Formula E racing and how it is changing how consumers drive cars during the next IMPA meeting beginning at noon in the 3 West Club, 3 West 51st Street, New York.

Yes, you have that right: Changing how consumers drive cars. That’s because Formula E’s mission is to not only race electric vehicles in the style of Grand Prix and LeMans, setting speed records on some of the toughest tracks around the globe, but its technology must, according to the rules of the race, feed consumer technologies, too. Venturi Automobiles leads development of some of these technologies, as does Michelin, and this is your chance to chat with the innovators and see where e-development has its future sites focused.

Venturi Automobiles, Michelin Tires and Visit Monaco will host the event (so no cost to attendees); please RSVP by clicking here so we have a count for the lunch or by email to Remember: discount coupons for parking at the Central Parking location on 52nd Street between 6th and 5th Avenues are available at the Club’s reception desk.