Link to “Seeing Beyond Darkness: The Future of Automotive Sensing,” the Oct. 28th IMPA virtual meeting

Here is the link to the Oct. 28th IMPA meeting “Seeing Beyond Darkness:  The Future of Automotive Sensing:”

The program brought together a news-making panel of technical experts to discuss breakthroughs in thermal sensing, radar and other sensor-enabling technologies, and how they are changing the way we drive.


John Xin, CEO, Lunewave
John Xin is CEO and co-founder of Lunewave radar. Xin has a business background with a Carnegie Mellon MBA and 15 years of experience in the insurance industry. Xin founded Lunewave with his brother, Hao, the company’s CTO. BMW was Lunewave’s first strategic investor.

Ofer Livny, VP of R&D, ADASKY
Ofer Livny, vice president of R&D for ADASKY, is a Technion – Israel Institute of Technology — graduate with a background in app development and advanced algorithms. He started at ADASKY as a senior software engineer before his promotion to VP of R&D in January, 2019. Livny helps ADASKY continue to advance the precision and speed of its thermal camera solutions for vehicles, infrastructure and health care.

Tom Jellicoe, Techincal Consultant, TTP
Tom Jellicoe is an auto industry technical consultant for British firm TTP. Jellicoe is a  University of Cambridge graduate with a PhD in physics specializing in optics. Tom’s team is pursuing sensor cleaning technology using ultrasonics to keep sensors working in all conditions.