Slaton White replaces Jim Henry as IMPA President.

Slaton White, Field & Stream vehicles editor, and IMPA first vice president, has assumed the IMPA Presidency following the resignation of Jim Henry, who had taken office in January 2003.  Jim, as specified in the IMPA bylaws (Article IV, Section 4), had to resign upon his taking a position with Mercedes-Benz USA.

Moving up to first vice president replacing Slaton is freelance journalist Nick Yost.  The Board of Directors, in an election also specified in the bylaws (Article IV, Section 5E), elected Joe Oldham, Popular Mechanics editor in chief, to fill the second vice presidency vacated by Nick’s promotion.

Slaton and Joe will serve in these positions for 2003 and 2004, while Nick’s term expires at the end of 2003
The association’s top three offices – President, first vice president and second vice president – are restricted to journalist members.  (Secretary, treasurer and Board of Director members, as well as memberships on all committees, are open to both journalists and public relations professionals.)